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Next In Serge Lutens Water Series – L’eau Froide

Sometime in the early spring of 2012, we are expecting a new eau de parfum release from Serge Lutens. This newest fragrance is called L’eau Froide, which means “Cold Water”. I’m trying to conjure up an image in my mind of what the note structure could possibly be for this fragrance. There has been only a single note discussed for L’eau Froide, and that note is frankincense. Not surprising for the spice and incense master, but how will this frankincense note translate into a “cool” fragrance?

When we hear the word frankincense, we usually associate it with the burnt variety, but Lutens’ L’eau Froide may be incense in its resinous state with base notes in the musk range. It is thought that this “cool” fragrance will not be one of icebergs and glaciers, but the sense of coolness that can be evident in Somalian incense. Perhaps there will be aromatics or mineral notes. When we think of “cool” in the abstract form, it might also suggest aldehyde or crisp eucalyptus notes.

This is the second in Lutens’ thematic “water” series, the first being L’eau Serge Lutens. It appears that Lutens wanted L’eau Serge Lutens, released in 2010, to be an “anti-perfume” and as fresh as a laundered shirt. Lutens made the following statement about L’eau Serge Lutens “When I presented L’eau to my team, I felt like Saint-Just informing the nobles they were going to lose their privileges” Few people have been accepting of this new philosophy from someone who build a reputation for deep, dark and spicy scents. This series seems to be the direct opposite of Lutens’ previous fragrances, and maybe that’s his intention.

I guess we’ll have to keep our hats on because, apparently, it’s going to be a long winter in anticipation of more “cool” to come from Serge Lutens.


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