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Preserving Your Fragrances

Your fragrances can keep for years as long as you’re practicing good storage techniques. Fragrances are expensive and if you collect vintage fragrances, they are even viewed as an investment. Longevity is the key here and to make sure that you are treating your fragrances correctly, here is little advice.

There are components within a fragrance that will degrade or break down if your fragrances are improperly stored. Many of these components are natural oils or organic materials. These materials can change the way a fragrance smell if abused. There are some simple solutions to help prolong a fragrance’s life. Let’s review some now.

Heat – Prolonged exposure to heat will significantly alter the structure of your fragrance. You should always store fragrances in a cool location where there is little excessive change in temperature. You might also consider storing fragrances in a wine cooler. Generally, you can control the temperature in a range from 50°F to 75°F, which would be suitable for perfume storage. The Osmothèque, a perfume conservatory and museum, store their perfumes in argon evacuated aluminum flasks at 32°F. No need to go this far but a consistent temperature of 50°F to 60°F would do just fine. This is about providing a moderate temperature that is somewhat consistent. Don’t forget that direct sunlight can be a source of heat. One of the key words for proper storage here is cool.

Light – You should not expose fragrances to continuous light. Placing fragrances in a bathroom or on a dressing table is a terrible idea in terms of preservation. Store your fragrances in a closed cabinet, dark closet or in a dresser drawer. If you don’t use the fragrance very often, you might consider storing them in their original boxes. Darkness is a fragrance’s best friend.

Oxygen – Many fragrances are sealed by the manufacturing process from open air in the form of an atomizer. Over time, air will degrade the quality of a fragrance. If your fragrance is a flacon, there is one trick to help reduce the headspace inside the bottle. The bottle can be filled with small marbles to decrease the headspace inside the container. By decreasing headspace you are decreasing the amount of oxygen trapped inside the flacon. This is a simple and effect way of helping to preserve your fragrance.

Extraneous organic materials – Another big enemy to fragrances is dust, dead skin or debris of any kind. If your fragrance is in a flacon and you are using the stopper as an applicator, this may not be such a great idea. You have two choices: put your fragrance in a small atomizer or choose a roll-on applicator instead.

Making good sound choices about your fragrances can be very rewarding but not caring for these expensive purchases can only result in disappointment in time. Remember, keeping them cool, in the dark, away from the open air and clean from debris to help you enjoy your fragrances for many years to come.


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This entry was posted on December 9, 2011 by in Education.

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