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The International Fragrance Association

Founded in 1973 in Geneva, the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) is an organization that is designed to promote the safe use and enjoyment of products made by the fragrance industry worldwide. Their purpose statement is to help ensure that the materials used in the process of fragrance manufacturing are safe. The IFRA publishes a list of usage standards for fragrance material based on the scientific findings of RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials).

The RIFM was formed in 1966. It is a nonprofit corporation that researches the raw materials used in products connected to personal and household use. RIFM also makes recommendations regarding the concentrations of fragrance materials in perfumes, cosmetics and other personal or household products.

IFRA Code of Practice is a self-regulated system, based on analysis performed by an independent expert panel. The independent expert panel is made up of dermatologists, toxicologists, pathologists and environmental scientists. Their job is to evaluate data on fragrances and make sure that they pose no risk for the consumer. Based on the findings of the RIFM, they can recommend to the IFRA that a material be restricted or banned. There are currently 174 substances that have been banned or restricted for use in fragrance products.

The IFRA Compliance Program is designed to function as a monitor of fragranced consumer products and to ensure that the IFRA Code of Practice is applied and adhered to. It analyzes a random variety of consumer products regularly for the presence of fragrance ingredients that are regulated by IFRA. The IFRA selects out of the following categories: toiletries and cosmetics, household products and detergents, and fine fragrances. All testing is performed by a third-party administrator, Eurofins Consumer Product Testing, in Hamburg, Germany.


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