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AMBER ABSOLUTE – 2007 – ♂♀
Classification: Oriental
Top: Frankincense
Heart: Amber, Woody Notes
Base: Vanilla, Labdanum
Perfumer: Christophe Laudamiel
Price: $195 for 50ml bottle

Tom Ford worked with nose Christophe Laudamiel to create his Private Blend offering, Amber Absolute. Laudamiel has been the creative genius behind many names such as Estée Lauder, Harvey Nichols, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Thierry Mugler and Tommy Hilfiger.

Amber Absolute starts the show with an unbelievable frankincense opening, dense, gentle and smoky. At the heart, notes of amber and woods wiggle their way in. This fragrance truly develops into one of the best amber scents. Amber Absolute has a fabulous burnt carmel accord that dominates the heart of this fragrance and is warm, smooth and inviting. The vanilla base is slightly sweet and very pleasing, giving Amber Absolute a creamy richness without being overly sweet or heady. The Labdanum assists in balancing this fragrance, but not in the typical powdery finish. It is more luxurious and plays more of a supporting role for the dense amber structure. This is truly an opulent concoction.

A little goes a long way with Amber Absolute. Sillage is very good and longevity is amazing. This fragrance can still be going strong well over 15 hours after application. Like a fine wine, Amber Absolute only gets better with time. Please don’t make any hasty decisions within the first hour or so. This fragrance needs time to develop for a full appreciation of its complexity. If you are a true lover of amber, this is a fragrance that you shouldn’t live without.


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