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Classification: Oriental Spicy
Top: Spicy Note, Aromatic Note
Heart: Tobacco, Tonka Bean, Tobacco Leaf, Tobacco Flower
Base: Vanilla, Cocoa, Dried Fruit, Sap
Perfumer: Olivier Gillotin
Price: $195 for 50ml bottle

Tobacco Vanille is widely loved by many who are fragrance aficionados. There are probably just as many who hate it for its straight-up tobacco note. Regardless, Tobacco Vanille is masterfully blended and will probably go down in the annals of fragrance history.

Tobacco Vanille is a combination of three predominant notes. First and foremost is Tobacco. The tobacco note is clear, pure tobacco leaf, fresh and slightly spicy. This tobacco note conjures up visions of men swaddled in velvet smoking jackets, enjoying a pipe filled with fresh, aromatic tobacco and sipping a glass of brandy. Second is vanilla, smooth, warm and nutty. The vanilla creates a richly layered base note and complements the dry aromatic tobacco perfectly, slightly sweet and natural. Third is just a hint of opulently sweet, pure chocolate positioning itself in the background. This chocolate note even has a slightly fruity quality giving the chocolate a broader dimension.

The remaining players in this creation help bind the three predominant main notes together making a cohesive statement. The tonka bean, which appears in the heart notes, supports the vanilla note with strong hints of cinnamon, clove and almond. This gives texture to the vanilla and balances its sweetness with a little bit of spice. The tobacco flower provides a slight floral note but also a bit of woodiness to the predominant tobacco note.

This is no masquerade, Tobacco Vanille is exactly what the name implies. It’s a great fragrance for the fall and winter, perhaps even spring. You will probably not be comfortable with it in hot climates. You might find it a bit cloying, unless you’re a tobacco farmer. Longevity and sillage on this fragrance is very good. Just like some of the other offerings in the Private Blend series, this fragrance can be detected even 12 hours later on the skin. Whatever you do, don’t over-spray. This is a tobacco and vanilla monster, and moderation is required.

Hats off to the Tom Ford and the nose behind this fragrance. Tobacco Vanille is definitely a masterpiece.


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