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AROOQ AL OUD by Al-Rehab

Classification: Oriental
Notes: Agarwood, Rose, Amber, Sandalwood
Perfumer: unknown
Price: $40 for 60ml bottle

Al-Rehab has been creating Arabian and oriental perfumes since 1975, and they are one of Saudi Arabia’s leading perfume houses. Their company slogan, “quality at affordable prices for all” seems true, based on their modest pricing structure. This is my first experience with Al-Rehab and I must say, Arooq Al Oud kept my interest.

Arooq Al Oud starts out with a slightly boozy but biting note that is a little hard on the nose. There is a hint at the likelihood of some unidentified floral structure. I cannot recognize the floral note but it might be rose or a slightly bitter orange blossom. There are several florals very popular with Arabian perfumers: rose, hyacinth, lily of the valley, orange blossom or jasmine. Sometimes the use of these florals adds texture only, instead of proclaiming this is a floral scent. The heart note immediately rushes towards a concentrated woody oud and amber. Slightly afterwards, a rich medium density sandalwood comes onto the scene adding warmth and coziness. The sandalwood tempers the over-ambitious, resinous oud and makes it a bit sweeter and drier. Arooq Al Oud is somewhat linear, and there are some subtle changes, but this fragrance doesn’t seem to be packed with an endless list of notes to discern. I find three basic elements here, a light floral, resinous oud, and a relaxing sandalwood. This simplistic combination allows Arooq Al Oud to be undemanding and quite masculine.

Arooq Al Oud is not retailed in the USA but can be purchased online. If you are an oud enthusiast, Arooq Al Oud might be worth sampling. I find this fragrance more interesting to wear than By Kilian’s Pure Oud. Pure Oud is a little one-dimensional. Arooq Al Oud is oud with a pleasantly surprising western twist and is very affordable. This fragrance has great longevity and sillage is moderate. If others are offended by your love for oud fragrances, Arooq Al Oud will be a pleasant surprise for them.


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