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OUDH MA’AL WARDH by Al Haramain

la_al_haramain_oudh_ma_al_wardhOUDH MA’AL WARDH – release date unknown – ♂♀
Classification: Oriental Floral
Notes: Unknown
Perfumer: Unknown
Price: $70 for 12ml bottle

Oudh Ma’al Wardh introduces itself with a very sharp, pungent, woody oud. You can virtually smell the narrative account of the trees’ 300 year old heartwood, including a moldy undertone. This fragrance is very dense, slightly heavy and quite natural smelling in the opening. It maintains a linear structure right through to the dry-down. It even develops a slightly nutty quality the longer it sits on the skin. This fragrance conjures up visions of antiquity with all of its complex scents. This Arabian fragrance is very true to its heritage and does not disappoint. Oudh Ma’al Wardh has stages of intensity, not complex layering. Don’t judge this fragrance too early; it gets better with time. It starts maturing at least one hour after application. Just like agarwood heartwood, which takes many centuries to produce its dark, aromatic resin, Oudh Ma’al Wardh will reward the wearer given a little time.

It’s difficult to compare Oudh Ma’al Wardh to any other fragrance I’ve sampled. This is the first fragrance I’ve experienced with a very basic natural structure. It is more like what you would expect from a perfume oil not an Eau du Parfum. This scent is pure, natural and sits very close to the skin. I liked Oudh Ma’al Wardh’s simplicity and natural framework, it definitely is not a pretentious fragrance.

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