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M by Puredistance

Classification: Leather
Top: Bergamot, Lemon
Heart: Jasmine, Rose
Base: Carnation, Woods, Labdanum, Leather, Moss, Musk, Patchouli, Vanilla, Vetiver, Cinnamon
Perfumer: Roja Dove
Price: $198 for 17.5ml flacon

M by Puredistance is the brainchild of the English nose and perfume historian Roja Dove. When talking about world-renowned perfumers, no one comes to mind more easily. Roja Dove began his career in a famous French perfume house most everyone is familiar with, Guerlain. After a lengthy stay that lasted some 20 years, he set out on his own to create Roja Parfums. Know as “Professeur de Parfums” in social circles, Roja Dove has been a counselor of sorts to many aspiring perfumers and his experience, wherever used, seems to leave an indelible mark. His name has been associated with many great contemporary perfume creations. M by Puredistance is just another example.

The inspiration for M was the sophisticated and comfortable interior of an impressive grey Aston Martin, you know, the James Bond variety. You can smell leather wafting up as the door slowly opens, exposing a chic interior. Your eye catches a beautiful and rich wood steering wheel and lavish appointments. Just as the idea of James Bond seems a bit like time travel, the philosophy of Puredistance is a throwback to fragrances reminiscent of the 1920’s and 1930’s. The company seems inspired by this particular time period in perfume making. They have managed to emulate that feeling throughout their current offerings. M is a perfume extract that contains 25% perfume oil and is impeccably well made.

M opens with a classic introduction of fresh citrus, bergamot and lemon. A nutty and spicy cinnamon brews mildly in the background as the heart launches with a supple suggestion of an oriental. A semi-sweet rose and jasmine bouquet slowly and subtly emerges, but never matures. At this point you know you’re on your way toward a classic chypre structure. The thirsty leathery base resides comfortably alongside an earthy and slightly grubby patchouli. These two elements are warmed up with a bit of cistus. Moss adds an aromatic woodiness that is heavy, but then more polished once blended with warm, earthy, leathery notes. An animalistic musk remedies the lack of a rustic quality and makes the base complete. Just a touch of vetiver brings back a slightly green herbal note lost by the sheer weight of the base’s spirited and spicy blend. It also resuscitates the oriental vibe from the opening. From beginning to end, M is a very balanced and lush masculine aroma.

So, does M stand for masculine? Yes, perhaps. It is more the structure of this leathery chypre that qualifies this as perfect for the masculine demeanor. I had the opportunity to attend a wedding this Fall and chose M as my perfume for this event. I was pleasantly surprised at the overwhelmingly positive response I received. I am fond of M myself, but experiencing how others enjoyed the scent confirmed my opinion. The longevity of this fragrance is also noteworthy. If you have yet to sample M by Puredistance, I recommend you do so soon. M is rich and decadent, yet has a cosmopolitan and masculine nature.

Just as a note of warning, be careful when applying this fragrance around lightly colored fabrics, since there is a high percentage of oil that is amber in color, and the fragrance will stain them.


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