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FRANK NO. 2 by Frank Los Angeles

frank los angeles_frank no 2

FRANK NO. 2 – 2005 –
Classification: Aromatic
Top: Bergamot, White Lavender, Coriander
Heart: Crushed Plum Leaves, Cognac, Plum, Patchouli, Fir Balsam
Base: Coffee Bean Essence, Red Maplewood, Teakwood, White Musk
Perfumer: Bertrand Duchaufour
Price: $65 for 65ml bottle

Frank Los Angeles is a small but significant boutique perfume house that opened in Los Angeles in 2004. Their current selection consists of three fragrances: Frank, their debut fragrance released in 2004, Frank No. 2 released the following year, and Frank No. 3 in 2008. This house relishes the process of small batch production and does it quite well. Each of Frank Los Angeles’ perfumes are hand-crafted. The proof seems to be in the pudding, or bottle in this case. I have found Frank Los Angeles to be interesting and somewhat a surprise in the quality of their scents. All three of their fragrances are masculine in attitude, so be forewarned.

Frank No. 2 opens with brazen bergamot that is entwined with fresh lavender. A touch of spicy coriander gives the brisk and herbal opening a unique savory masculine twist. The opening transitions from herbal with a touch of spice, to an astonishing heart of boozy, rich cognac with sappy resinous overtones. The heart is more mature and less buoyant in temperament. Frank No. 2 has a fruity, sweet side comprised of plum and earthy patchouli that give the heart added complexity. The patchouli plays assistant to the cognac by moderating its boozy nature and making it less ephemeral. A subtle coffee essence brews slowly and quietly in the base, coupled with woods that are dry and aromatic in nature. White musk takes a silent position in the base and adds an odd, nonessential cleanliness.

There is no doubt that Frank No. 2 was intended as a masculine fragrance. Perhaps I can detect a unique familiarity with many masculine fragrances of days gone by. The classic virile structure of spice, herbs and woods, makes this fragrance one that might seem unoriginal. I find it quite refreshing that an inexpensive eau de toilette lasts so long. The bottle and its packaging are understated at best, but perfect for the content within. I realized quite quickly that Frank No. 2, with its surprising character, earns a well-deserved seat in my fragrance collection.


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