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BLOODY WOOD by Les Liquides Imaginaires

Les Liquides Imaginaires_Bloody Wood

BLOODY WOOD – 2013 – 
Classification: Woody Spicy
Top: White Wine Lees, Violet, Rose Oxide
Heart: Raspberry, Cherry, Fruity Red Wine
Base: Oaken barrel Accord, Woody Accord, Sandalwood
Price: $210 for 100ml bottle

Les Liquides Imaginaires is little more than a fledgling in today’s vast perfume arena. This French perfume house, launched in 2012, is the conceptual invention of designer Philippe di Méo, in collaboration with David Frossard of Différent Latitudes. As a designer, di Méo has worked with legendary luxury brands such as Baccarat, Dior and Coca Cola, to name but a few. He also founded his own agency, RESO Design, in 1989. Di Méo aspired to create fragrances that, in his company’s words, “revive the perfume ceremony and ritual by developing new object and alternative habits.” David Frossard himself has an impressive resumé as well. He was creative director for P. Frapin & Cie before taking ownership of this niche perfume brand. He also worked as export director for L’Artisan Parfumeur and also Penhaligon’s prior to the start of his own company called Différent Latitudes. Différent Latitudes got its start as a label for independent perfumers, one of which was Liquides Imaginaires. Frossard met di Méo, and he loved the perfumes di Méo had developed. The two gentlemen’s visions of perfume and the creative process were similar, and the rest is history.

I recently sampled one perfume from the Trilogy Les Eaux Sanguines series by Les Liquides Imaginaires called Bloody Wood. When sampling a new perfume, I usually play a game with myself and I try to visualize the perfume’s scent based on its given name. I presumed many ghastly possibilities for Bloody Wood, but was pleasantly surprised by this perfume’s more heavenly inspiration, a gift from the gods. Take heed — never judge a book by its cover. This collection of perfumes is designed around a trio of wines; pink Champagne, grand cru Burgundy and a handsome Port. Did someone say, wine? Yes, please.

Bloody Wood opens with a relatively metallic accord, which is at odds with the softer floral notes. This accord has a smidgen of green. It’s slightly fruity, and unquestionably powdery with a sweet edge. These delicate characteristics are then slowly simmered with the dregs from a lovely grand cru Burgundy, adding a distinctive bitterness. This bitterness is a curious complement to the metallic accord. The imaginary and thought-provoking opening definitely caught my attention. Bloody Wood was dark, mysterious and ambiguous, in a déjà vu kind of way. The heart of Bloody Wood brings a bit more delectable sweetness and a fragment of warmth. There are luscious cherries and mouth-watering raspberries, all washed down with a boozy red wine with a fruity bouquet. Even with the presence of a strong dark fruit accord, the florals still lingered in the background beautifully. It certainly seems that we’ve embraced the bloody portion of this perfume profile, so what about the wood?

The bones of Bloody Wood exhibit many variations of woods. We have a damp and musty oaken barrel, giving the perfume a more earthly, naturalistic connection. This wood is rough, helping balance the metallic bitterness experienced in the opening and temper the ample sweet heart. The other wood present is sandalwood. In sharp contrast, sandalwood transports the wood notes from rustic to aromatic, and then finally to meditative. The concept of Bloody Wood would be nothing more than an empty dank barrel without the participation of a multi-dimensional wood accord. The dry-down of Bloody Wood is warm and comforting. Many of the fruity components gracefully age to a more resinous, candied quality with a side note of a nice red wine.

Bloody Wood is by far my favorite perfume between Les Eaux Sanguines and Les Eaux Delà series. All offerings appeal to a variety of sensibilities and are equally as impassioned as Bloody Wood. If you have never experienced Les Liquides Imaginaires perfumes, they are definitely worthy of a closer look. Their concepts are interesting and intelligent, retrospective and captivating. There seems to be a great deal of time invested in the background story to their perfumes. Les Liquides Imaginaires is brilliant at snagging a moment in time and seizing it into a graceful bottle.


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