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le labo_solid perfume

If you are not familiar with the concept of solid perfume, the idea is by no means a modern notion. Unguents are as old as dirt, similar to an ointment, they are less thick and more oily in consistency. The chemistry behind solid perfumes begins with a wax base. The wax is usually made from oil, like almond, coconut, soybean, jojoba or hemp oil. The resulting wax is then melted, and a scent (or perhaps several) is added to the resulting wax base. This creates a specific waxy cream of a specific consistency. Scented versions of unguents have been used since Egyptian times and are an easy and convenient way of taking your favorite perfume with you wherever you go.

Application is easy enough — just rub your finger against the solid perfume and then onto the skin. You may also use a cotton swab, but this can be tricky, since the cotton fibers stick to the waxy surface. You certainly don’t want your lovely little solid perfume to look like it has grown a beard. The added benefit of using your finger is that the heat from your skin melts the product slightly and makes application much easier.

Solid perfumes certainly do not have the same intensity as your beloved eau du toilette or eau du parfum sprays. They are a simple way to freshen a perfume later in the day, especially if your solid perfume is the same scent as your traditional spray perfume. Solid perfumes provide a low-level of sillage, and are perfect for the office environment or when it is necessary to be inconspicuous. One more plus is that solid perfumes are very easy to travel with and fit nicely into a purse or travel bag. Companies that offer solid perfumes also offer interestingly designed containers that are usually refillable. Many solid perfumes start at as little as $12.00. Here are a few suggestions for niche, and not-so-niche, brands that offer solid perfumes.


Le Labo


True Nature Botanicals


2 comments on “Solid Copy

  1. david5554369
    January 27, 2015

    I might have to try some of those sometime. I have stuck with my regular scents but perhaps solid ones could be cool.

    • Flaconneur
      January 27, 2015

      There a great answer for perfume on the go. Thanks for following PER FUMUS.

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