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Classification: Oriental Woody
Top: Geranium, Orange, Orange blossom
Heart: Patchouli
Base: Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla
Perfumer: Molinard
Price: $42 for 100ml bottle

Maison Molinard remains an entirely family-run business and is one of the oldest of its kind. Molinard opened its doors in 1849, located in the south of France in Grasse, Provence, the heart of perfume country. The company has maintained a one hundred and sixty-six year history filled with wonder and amazement for many a customer. From their floral waters and Eau de Colognes to their precious Baccarat and Lalique made bottles, Molinard has maintained a rich and lavish history. Les Orientaux Patchouli is not presented in Baccarat or Lalique but is worthy of our attention nonetheless. This is a little gem in Molinard’s crown.

Molinard’s Patchouli is part of the Les Orientaux collection and includes Vanille, Vanille Patchouli, Vanille Marine, Patchouli, Patchouli Intense, Ambre, Chypre d’Orient and Musc. For me, this type of patchouli was certainly a worthwhile and interesting discovery. Well, to be completely accurate, I didn’t discover this perfume at all. It was brought to my attention by fellow blogger and fragrance friend Sherapop from Sherapop’s Salon de Parfum. She read my rant post about my continual love-hate relationship with patchouli and suggested Les Orientaux Patchouli by Molinard as her remedy. You can read my complete thoughts regarding patchouli by reviewing The Love In. To find out for myself, I took Sherapop’s word and belly-flopped right into a purchase of a bottle. You heard it here, it was a blind buy.

Les Orientaux Patchouli kicks off with an amazing surprise. It opens slowly and cautiously, primarily with flowers, then with just a tiny bit of sweet, juicy orange. Geranium varieties are known for varied aromas, and whatever this particular variety is provides us with an unusual dark, chocolatey, nutmeg vibe. Take this accord and layer it with orange blossom, and it creates an unusual gourmand-like blend. I find the patchouli accord refined but some will argue the point. Its scent is a rich, complex, earthy blend that shies away from your dank,  scary basement variety. The vanilla base tames and sweetens, giving Patchouli a refined edge. This fragrance contains all the classic telltale signs: citrus, flowers and wood, all pointing in the general direction of Chypretown. But there’s a twist. The base of Patchouli is a trifecta of sweet, warm and woody, purified with a heavy incense aroma. Like a fork in the road, this keeps me in just conventional Orientalville.

Take my word for it, Les Orientaux Patchouli by Molinard is a patchouli haters dream, I’m living proof. It’s slightly naughty, a little gourmand, definitely Oriental, as warm as Christmas in July and comforting all the same.


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