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BRITISH MUSK by Signature Fragrances London

british-muskBRITISH MUSK – 2014 – ♂♀
Classification: Woody Floral Musk
Top: Bergamot, Rose, Geranium
Heart: Black Oud, Cedar
Base: Amber, Musk
Perfumer: Unknown
Price: $60 for 12ml bottle

Signature Fragrances London creates pure perfumes that are a completely different experience when compared to traditional fragrances. There are some who prefer perfume oils to traditional alcohol-based, atomized fragrances because they believe they are kinder to skin. Pure perfumes can deliver amazing longevity to the wearer due to their high concentration of natural materials. The “less is more” theory certainly applies when talking about pure perfumes.

I pored over Signature Fragrances London’s list of perfumes online, amazed by their collection. It took no time at all for me to choose a few. A short time later I received some nicely packaged 2ml samples. Out of the samples I received, British Musk was the perfume that spoke to me right from the start.

British Musk’s opening is escorted in, sympathetically, by a plush, herbaceous rose. This rose is not screeching, it is lightly sweet, somber and reserved. A mélange occurs, and not just one composed of various roses, but by an impostor resembling a rose. Since certain geranium varieties can easily pass as rose-like, this flower’s unexpected appearance is a perfect resolution, creating a unisex, floral scent utopia. The geranium lends a slight minty quality, which adds needed freshness to the perfume. This fresh interjection is further nurtured along with a virtually unnoticed splash of bergamot. British Musk’s heart begins with a fiercely delineated black oud note. This dark, woody, medicinal phantom lurks just below the surface threatening the tender geranium and rose accord. Luckily, black oud’s gloom is quickly lightened by clear aromatic cedar giving the heart a less ominous stance. The base redirects us once more introducing a warm, comfy-cozy amber. This successfully and completely softens the dreaded phantom, playing instead to oud’s sweet and honeyed qualities, which gives the amber accord great depth. The dry-down of British Musk is delightful and certainly worth the wait. Like the tick-tock of a clock, the rose and geranium march on through the base accords, making friends along the way and mingling, never subsiding. In the end, a naturalism is spread over the last warm and comforting notes, giving an animalistic touch to this otherwise floral, woody composition.

This contemporary fragrance house takes inspiration from perfume’s fascinating history, evident in British Musk’s classic Oriental vibe. Their quality certainly doesn’t stop with the contents of the bottles. The bottles themselves are pretty, itsy-bitsy, cut glass works of art. This is a beautiful way for the house to present their precious commodity. Experience perfume at its best and try a few samples from Signature Fragrances London. These perfumes are long-lasting and require very little to transport and envelop you in your favorite from Signature Fragrances London.


2 comments on “BRITISH MUSK by Signature Fragrances London

  1. Katy
    March 9, 2015

    They had me until oud.

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