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SHEIDUNA by Puredistance


SHEIDUNA – 2016 – 
Classification: Oriental Woody
Top: Lemon, Tangerine, Geranium
Heart: Rose, Labdanum, Benzoin,, Incense, Myrrh
Base: Ambergris, Vetiver, Tonka absolute, Vanilla absolute, Patchouli
Perfumer: Cécile Zarokian
Price: $190 for 17.5ml flacon, $325 for 60ml and $590 for 100ml bottles

Upon arriving home one afternoon a few weeks ago, I found a little box in the post from Amsterdam. This could only mean one thing: the much anticipated arrival of a new release from Puredistance. I received my sample of the newest perfume from Puredistance called Sheiduna. In classic Puredistance style, the product presentation was tastefully extravagant. Since the sample’s arrival, I have been wearing Sheiduna again and again. I wanted to give myself enough time to get to know this tricky fragrance, and to determine which sex Sheiduna speaks to in the end.

The first spritz of Sheiduna was a complete surprise, absolutely brimming with sunshine. This distinctive burst was not your common bergamot variety. It was sharp, intensely sweet and exuberant. Traditionally, an opening of this sort is short lived. This was not the case with Sheiduna. The sublime brightness lingers and then slowly mellows, but never completely subsides. Straightaway, the heart initiates with a shift to mellow floral components, which had subtle traces of orange, accompanied by an underlying muffled rosiness. This was a satisfying transition, broadening the fragrance’s complexity. No matter now much you might try to ignore it, there is still an amazing underlying citrus note, continually moved in and out of the heart. Sheiduna perseveres, intriguing me with a touch of leather, a splash of churchy incense and sooty myrrh. The elements were just enough to flavor and not to overpower. The fragrance’s final stages provide a comforting desert-like transition to a warm, sweet ambergris, strengthening Sheiduna’s comfort level. A touch of vanilla, accompanied by tonka absolute gives Sheiduna subtle suggestions of cinnamon, clove and almonds, and such a beautiful complement it is. All these heavenly notes certainly need to be grounded with a lightly earthy, woody and leathery finish, making Sheiduna distinctive. I couldn’t keep my nose away.

I’m continually amazed by the absolute perfection that Puredistance exhibits with regard to the thoughtfulness of each and every one of their perfumes. High concentration of natural material in unforgettable combinations, simply said, encourage their product to not only be interesting but long lasting and unforgettable. Sheiduna would certainly appeal to the feminine side but can easily be worn by men and women alike. Congratulations on Sheiduna.

The top, heart and base notes as listed above, is my own arrangement. The materials used were provided by Puredistance.


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