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christopher-brosius1Christopher Brosius is the owner and perfumer of the niche brand CB I Hate Perfume. He is not your typical perfumer. He’s not interested in creating perfumes for the masses. Frankly, he finds people who smell just like everyone else a bit disgusting. What Brosius finds interest in is the scents of life and experiences, sometimes both, and presenting these to us in the shape of perfume. As a child, he aspired to be an artist or a scientist. Interestingly enough, today Brosius is a little bit of both.

Little did he know that this strange choice of profession as a taxi driver would ultimately become the basis for his own perfume house. His cabbie days brought him to the realization of how much he hated perfume. Women riders would get into his taxi wearing their questionable choices, making him sick. Even hours afterwards, the caustic scents would leave his eyes watering and stomach churning. Brosius knew that this was not what perfume was intended to be.

#205  7 Billion Hearts
#212  Ambrosius
#101  At The Beach 1966
#305  Burning Leaves
#612  CB Beast
#201  CB93
#215  CB Musk
#606 Cedarwood Tea
#712  Cradle of Light
#701  Eternal Return
#703  Fire From Heaven/Smoke
#307  Gathering Apples
#104  Greenbriar 1968
#105  I Am A Dandelion
#306  In The Library
#303  In The Summer Kitchen
#106  Invisible Monster
#604  Just Breathe
#607  Lavender Tea
#401  M1 Narcissus
#402  M2 Black March
#403  M3 November
#404  M4 A Room With A View
#405  M5 Where We Are There Is No Here
#406  M6 do Not Ask Me Why
#103  Memory Of Kindness
#301  Mr. Hulot’s Holiday
#610  Outside
#202  Patchouli Empire
#710  Revelation / Fig Leaf
#302  Russian Caravan Tea
#204  Tea/Rose
#304  The Fir Tree
#308 To See A Flower
#309  Under The Arbor
#203  Violet Empire
#310  Walking in The Air
#704  Wild Hunt / Forest
#608  Wild Pansy
#102  Winter 1972


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